Thursday, 8 July 2010


This is the prize Reb got for her pencil case entry in the bag competition,
some really lovely fabrics which she was thrilled with...
and look at this cute little purse Joan sent her for doing so well in the competition -
and look what she put inside for her too...
Joan you spoil her...
What is this then?
Yes, she has done it again.
The school held a poster competition, you had to design a poster for their library,
guess who won????
and her prize was....
Quite appropriate really as we have the Lions in Northampton at the moment.

I must remember to get her to do the Lottery numbers for me this week..
Anyone else??????

Not sure actually if I told you she had won prior to ALL this
a cup for her dancing at her dance club.
Way to go Rebecca.


Thursday, 1 July 2010


Unbeknown to Rebecca, I entered this in a competition on Popular Patchwork Magazine Forum.
She has been given a commendation for it.
I think that is brilliant as she was up against a lot of ladies who had made fabulous bags.
A lady called Heather was the winner.
But, hey, congratulations Reb, well done.
Nana is very proud of you.
[I did the zip part, she did the rest]

If she isn't sewing or on the Wii or her DS
she is reading.
So engrossed she didn't know I had taken the picture.